The vision and creations of Transcendental Spirit began back in 2008. First decoration art inspirations emerged from that day festivals.
Soon after a first art projects has started following music event’s organising.

After a few years of creations at Lithuania, in the autumn of 2010, the project founder moved to the United Kingdom. At that time, project was called Other Devices.
Whilst living within communities in London,  artist prolifically produced decorations and organised music events in London’s underground scene.
His project has left a distinct mark in London’s psychedelic world.

In the autumn of 2014, Transcendental Spirit began a traveling acros South America. The ceremonies he observed and participated in different locations, encouraged the rise of new creative ideas. After an inspiring period within the depths of the Ecuadorian jungle, new strong visions had birth. By 2020 Transcendental Spirit decorations already visited 11 countries in Europe.

The word transcendental means to ‘not relate to the material world, and to exist beyond the limits of the laws of physics.