Every moment, every breath, every life event is truly a gift which is not allways appreciated. To be here and experience this world, this nature.
To be around people you love. To wake up in the morning, to drink water and eat a banana. To hear, to see, to feel. To walk in the forest or lay on the grass while clouds are dancing in the skies.
We are not allways value the simple things we have and the value appears only when the dangers to loose them appears. The best maintenace of this gifts is to be good and humble. To care about litlle things around you and be impecable with your toughts, words and actions. This gains spiritual success and support from the skies. From mother earth. From Great Spirit. Practice, practice, practice. After many many years. 0,1%is learned. There is no mistakes – there is only a lessons. Never dreamed such a life. Purpose of life? To be really good person to every one and everything. To share


No matter what practice,yoga,meditation you do, how much medicines you use –

Good results ONLY possible with really good and conscious eating, drinking and breathing.

And better to not eat at all for some days to restore all the system. Awareness and clarity comes then.

aho mitakuye oyasin