How can you describe style of music you produce.

Mainly I produce ambient style, also psybient, downtempo, techno, trance and enigmatic, also dub.

What other producers, songwriters and/or artists do you see as your primary inspirations?

The main inspirations I would say in my life were Aphex Twins, Squarepusher, Shpongle, Autechre and some DNB artists such as Roni Size, Dillinja, Bad Company and many more.

Where did you learned to produce music? Did you attended to some musical education studies?

I started at home using , but also I went to a music school where I learned to play a national folk instrument called ‘Birbyne’, also I played in an folklore orchestra, and sang in a choir. Later I took a course in Music Technology, which further deepened my musical understanding.

Could you agree that producing music is very hard process which takes a lot of time?

Yes making music is really time consuming. Because inspiration comes and goes really quickly, I would argue that the most difficult thing is expressing the musical ideas into actual music, before these ideas vanish. Although the process is still really enjoyable and a blessing.

Thank you for your answers. See you in chillout stage!

We present Jonas. A rising talent with unique sounding. Jonas will perform semi live set in chillout stage. Let’s get know him better. 
This is our interview with him to meet the artist before his performance!

Howdy Jonas. Thank you for your time taking this questions. 
I been carefully listening to your production. Can see a lot of potential in your sound. When you started to produce your own tracks?

I’ve started around the year 2005 when I was 14 years old, we used to hang outside beatbox and rap with friends, and then one of my friends introduced me to fruityloops, and showed me the basic concepts of music making, for which I am really grateful to him.

Can you describe, briefly, how do you create your music? What software/hardware do you use?

I started with fruityloops and then I saw the potential of ableton live and really fell in love with the live aspect of it, so I began to learn this other daw when I understood that the main concepts stay the same behind every daw. I purchased a novation x25 synthesizer to, because I wanted to start playing live. Then after some time I started using daw and midi controllers such as APC 40, and Novation’s Launchpad, etc. Mainly now I try to keep my sounds original and organic.