Meet DRYAD. She caries a flag of Visionary Shamanics records & Omveda records. Maja began DJing in 2004 and today she is well recognized in the scene. Let’s meet her in this interview! 

Hey there, Maja! Thanks for taking the time to answer these questions. Have you been interviewed before?

Yes, but it‘s been a few years since my last interview.

What drew you to DJing psychedelic trance?

I was already DJing hard trance and hardcore for about a year before I discovered psytrance at the end of 2004. I found Goa trance a few years before that but wasn’t familiar with the newer styles of psytrance that had evolved over the years. I started attending events in New York City regularly and really fell in love with the music and the community, so naturally, I started playing psytrance as well.

Which psychedelic trance artist you like most? Why?

This is always one of the hardest questions for me to answer since it always seems to change as I discover new artists and what style I seem to be more into at the given moment, but a few consistent favorites over the years have been: Distorted Goblin, Derango, Atriohm, Encephalopaticys, Transdriver, Confo, Taakelur, and Kanka.
I like powerful, driving, atmospheric psytrance, that‘s still very melodic and has both an organic and mystical feel to it and these are just some of the artists which I feel fit that category.

Also, since I discovered the Lithuanian Forest Freaks crew, I‘ve always been a big fan of their releases and now after I‘ve been living in Lithuania for some time, I have become good friends with them. To this day, I still think they produce some of the most unique psytrance out there and I really like their style.


What do you enjoy most about being a DJ? And what do you dislike about it most?

I really enjoy being able to share the music I love with others and the energy I feel from the dancefloor. Also, after getting new music, the first time I hear the tracks on a big sound system is a great experience for me. I suppose what I dislike the most is sometimes not being able to find new material that suits my specific sound, which sometimes leads to creativity blocks.


How did you come up with your DJ name “DRYAD”?

In mythology, a dryad is a tree spirit who has a close relationship with the woods or forests she inhabits. I’ve always liked the name and the symbolism behind it, and as someone who has always been drawn to forests and mythology, and studied forest biology in university, the name just fitted – especially since the style of psytrance that most closely represents what I play is forest psytrance.

Describe your message that you transcend through your music?

I like to take listeners on a journey, exploring various moods and states of mind at the set progresses. I want the audience to feel that they can let go of the day-to-day worries and just release themselves to the music. During my sets, I play both uplifting, energetic tracks meant to elicit positive vibes and soothe the mind, but also deeper, darker tracks meant to challenge the psyche and take listeners down the auditory rabbit hole. Through my track selection, I strive to achieve a balance between darkness and light, order and chaos.

What advice would you have for someone wanting to follow in your footsteps?

Just have fun and don’t feel like you have to fit a specific image – find some artists and labels you like and start there. Don’t worry if something is popular or new, if you like it, use it! Learn your tracks inside and out and listen to what works and what doesn’t. Experiment a lot and don’t get discouraged!