It’s great to have an interview with our Friend Edessey from Latvia!

Edessey started his career as a Dj & Producer few years ago, inspired by such a big Trance names as Parker & Hanson, Above & Beyond , Andrew Bayer, Matt Lange and many more. Since 2016 Edessey started to explore new absolutely massive and incredible world – PSYTRANCE.

So let’s read what is on his mind:

When did you start DJing- and what or who were your early passions and influences?

I started express interest in music in early ages, remember how I was listening to my old vinil player when I was 4 years old, and since 5 I was making my own events in bedroom for parents. But if we talk about making decition to become a Dj – all comes from early 2003, when I discovered such amazing artists like Faithless, Dj Tiesto, Armin van Buuren, path was clear since then.



How did you find Electronic music?

Oh it was so many years ago… My old friend showed me an album on cassette with new electronic music project, which was super popular all over the world – 666, I guess some people recognize this project by tracks – “Alarma”, “Paradox”, “D.E.V.I.L” etc… I remember how I was blowed away by such cool melodies and lead sounds.



Why did you choose a psychedelic trance music genre?

Thats a great question, I will start from a story… I always loved it, first of all many many years ago I heard track by Astral Projection – Mahadeva, which is definately one of the best musical creation of all time, and I noticed that apart of classical trance music there is absolutely another world of psychedelic. Little by little I started to discover more and more music, subgenres, artists. First of all psychedelic music was just for listening, I was thinking no one is listening psychedelic in Riga, and there is no places to play it – I was wrong… After I played 2 hour set for 2 people in a middle of nowhere in local club in small town called Jelgava, I understood – I WILL DEDICATE MY CAREER IN PSYCHEDELIC TRANCE. :)



 How would you describe your lifestyle?

I would say unpredictable… Two months ago my lifestyle was – work, home, playing games and same again day after day, so overall boring life. Since January I completely changed it – I go to the gym 3 times a week no matter what, twice a week Rugby, table tennis every Sunday. I tottaly changed my diet, so I lost arround 8 killos for 1.5 month, I quited smoking week ago, I feel better, I look better, my life is better!



 Is there a hidden meaning in any of your music?

I always have a plan before a show or idea what I want to implement or represent on a dancefloor. But for me most important message or meaning is to have a great time and massive energy exchange while we are all together on stage and this is how I try to prepare my sets.


 How name- Edessey was born?

Ha ha, thats a common question, but I dont think I said it loud yet. Its all about “religion” stuff, so when I was 11 years old, same age I first tried beer :), I went with my class to Estonia in super famous orthodox church, and prists there saw that I am not “blessed” or how does it called… so they did this ritual and by their religion law I supposed to have blessed name or something, so they called me Edisei if we spell it from russian, so I liked how it sounds and wrote it as “Edessey”, which showed up as very hard to be written by event organisers, I saw so many variations on event fliers like “Eddesey” “Edesey” “Edseey” and many more… Thats why I have a T-Shirt with “Edessey” on it ahahaha.


What were some of the main challenges and goals when starting out as a DJ and how have they changed over time?

My goal was and is and will be – Blasting on stage for crowd and for myself, always providing great energy exchange and make those faces happier.



 What are your future goals? I would like to play more abroad I guess, that my future goals for now.

Best and worse things about being a DJ? Best thing – You play what you want, and show your musical vision, which is a huge power tool and opportunity.

Worst- hmmm there is no whorst things in general, there is uncomfortable moments probably, but I prefer to not even mantion them because I choose this path.

What are your favorite music artists for listening? If we talk about listening, they are a bit out of psychedelic – John 00 Fleming and his JOOF editions… This guy is absolute legend. But if we talk about Psychedelic – I love to listen what I play – groovy, energetic and powerful psy.

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