It’s a pleasure to present another interview for upcoming Transcendental Spirit event – Art Synthesis.

This time we had a possibility to talk with a very interesting persona, bandleader of Lithuanian Alternative Rock band Baltasis Kiras – Tautvydas Paulius Augustinas about Baltasis Kiras and his solo project Elektroninis Baltasis Kiras.

What lead you to the music industry?

My mom took me to a music school in first grade, I played the violin for 10 years, in seventh grade me and my classmates started playing rock’n’roll, and in my student years I became interested in Ableton and started creating an electronic version…


Why did you choose this name for your band?

We named ourselves after a bag company, the company bankrupted.


How did you discover the music style that makes you feel the best when you’re creating?

We keep experimenting with styles, we don’t just play one genre, we try to impress ourselves, we have songs which we try to perform in a different genre every concert, for it to be more interesting, all musical colors are comfortable in their own way…


How do you come up with ideas when you’re creating music?

Sometimes it’s a book or a person we’ve met, sometimes it’s an event or a mood, travel, experiences, lessons, or just simply some good time with friends, sometimes I challenge myself to create, for example, a sad piece, which would be uplifting and positive, every new musical experiment is a step forward.


Where do you find inspiration?

In nature.

Creating a new project – “Elektroninis Baltasis Kiras” (“Electronic White Seagull”) – how was this idea born?

I’ve heard the Swedish electronic Mozart playing live and I realized, that maybe it would actually be interesting to check electronic music, it’s like lego blocks when you’re over 20, a never-ending story…


How is this project different from the music that you’re already creating?

Well, its sound waves are produced with the help of a PC, I like deep dub electronic, it’s the other side of the moon, tenacious, but also rising for a bird’s flight.


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