It’s been a great ride here at Transcendental Spirit and the time went through hyper fast.

10 years ago it started and now we celebrate Transcendental Spirit 10 years anniversary with Art Synthesis audiovisual experience party.

To warm up and to introduce you to the all artists who will be performing in the Art Synthesis event I invite you to read this first interview with amazing Giriu Dvasios from Lithuania!


How was your love for music born?

It probably happened at the same time as I was born. I have always liked music. And, as time passed, I gave myself into it completely.

How would you describe your music?

Shortly – it’s dub techno and dub. On a wider concept, this music has been inspired by Lithuanian nature, forests, archaic traditions and a Baltic world view, but it’s also modern at the same time. It’s like an attempt to make the things that are archaic, but mutual to all of us relevant. To remind people about the fact that they shouldn’t feel separated from nature, but rather see the Earth as their own body. But let’s just allow people to listen to it themselves and describe it themselves, let everyone find their own personal ratio.

How was the pseudonym „Girių Dvasios“ („The Spirits Of the Forest“) born?

At first I started creating dub techno, and then I decided that it needs a new name. I wanted that name to include nature and the mystical world. There were many options, but I don‘t remember anything about them, because „Girių Dvasios“ stuck. It dictated the visual aesthetic, and at the same time it defined certain rules for choosing names. All of it worked pretty well.

What kind of music do you listen to? Is it similar to what you perform, or is it something completely different?

I listen to the genre that I myself perform, but also to lots of other different electronic and non-electronic music. I like techno, industrial, electro, certain drum‘n‘bass/jungle styles, ambient, jazz, modern and not necessarily modern classics. I like many things, actually. Sometimes I‘ll be glad to listen to a good POP song.

Check this epic phatt acid 303 track by Giriu dvasios as his side project 101:

Where do you find inspiration when creating music?

I‘m not looking for inspiration anywhere. I just can‘t imagine myself not creating something. If it wasn‘t the music, then I would probably paint, maybe I‘d create start-ups one by one. But not creating something is impossible. If I don‘t do it my existence starts looking meaningless.

Did you have to switch between a lot of music genres before you discovered the one that makes you feel the best when you‘re creating it?

Yes, I‘ve tried creating all kinds of music. I discovered a good flow with „Girių Dvasios“.  I‘m going to continue working on this project further because I feel like we are far from being finished yet. But I also feel that „Girių Dvasios“ is not my last stop, and there may be many things in my creative and not just creative life.

I‘ve heard you are releasing an album, tell me, what‘s it about, what‘s the idea?

This year „Girių Dvasios“ turned 10 years old. On that occasion, I wanted to make a gift to everyone who has been listening to my creations all this time, accompanied me in festivals etc. That‘s why I created an album, which I named „Aidai“ („Echoes“), and dedicated it to Lithuanian folk music. Similarly to my album „Ratu“ („Round“), which has been my most successful publication so far. I also included some other interesting things in the album. The album will be released on March 18th through the label „Cold Tear Records“ that I‘m curating, and its presentation show will take place in March 21st at „Kablys“ club.

How would you describe the Lithuanian party/rave scene?

I‘d describe it as well developed. Compared to other countries from the former Soviet Union, we have a lot of great things going on here. Great DJs, producers, groups, festivals, events with good quality sound, interesting scenography etc. There is, of course, room for improvement, but I think we are moving in the right direction. I would like to encourage everyone working in this field to learn, improve, read some literature and create not only great parties and a good time but also the added value. As a result, for people working in this field, life in Lithuania will only get better.


Thank you all for reading and now please check what you can expect from Art Synthesis

Stay tuned for more interviews soon ;)