And today we have amazing opportunity to present Techno princess from Romania Mara LeFay who is climbing Techno ladders through clubs worldwide fast!


Hey, Mara! How’s life treating you these days?

Hey hey, it’s great thanks, just working on different projects, always keeping myself

Tell us a little about your journey into DJing. When and how did it all start for you?

I wanted to DJ since I was very young but just never got round to it and it all
happened by accident really, a friend was supposed to play at a radio show and
forgot his hard drive at home, he was on the train and asked me to make him a
playlist, buy it off his Beatport account so he can just download once he gets there. I
did so, the guy running the radio show liked it and invited me to play as well so it all
just started there really.

What does club/rave culture mean to you personally?

A beautiful and powerful movement, almost like a religion.

How does your typical day at work look? Do you have a creative routine?

Depends which work, I work as a Audio Specialist for Technics when I don’t DJ. It’s
not necessarily a very creative job but I get to talk to people about audio equipment
all day and I love doing that.

How, do you think, is London’s club scene different from club cultures in other
places in the world you’ve visited?

I used to live in Berlin and I loved the fact parties and festivals didn’t stop at 4 or 6
am, or that there were after hours clubs, which London is lacking, but I got used to
it now. London has some of the best events in the world and what I love the most is
the music diversity. Plus there are more and more great daytime parties which is a
great concept.

If you weren’t a DJ, what would you be?

A Psychiatrist.

Image Credit – Northern Wanderer



What’s your one advice to an aspiring DJ?

I am an aspiring DJ myself. What I’d say to anyone who wants to be good at
anything is put the phone down, close all distractions and put the work in.


Who are your favourite techno DJs at the moment?

Newa, Stingray, Anetha, Spektre


What other kinds of music do you listen to?

I listen to a lot of electronica, trip hop, microhouse/rominimal as I grew up with that
music and we have a big movement in Romania.


What’s the best and the hardest parts of being a DJ?

Best part is playing and connecting with the crowd It’s beautiful and personal and I
love doing it. Hardest part is probably the fact it can sometimes be a dangerous
environment for a girl especially if you have to travel to other countries by yourself.

Can you name 3 movies that had the greatest impact on your personality?

Not really as I’ve never been a big movie fan. I did enjoy Bohemian Rhapsody

Do you have a spirit animal? If not, what do you think it would be and why?

The black panther is my spirit animal.


See you on the dancefloor ;)