Check this open-minded interview with New Sense aka Secret Vision from Mexico/Switzerland!


What drew you to the music industry?

My uncle advised me: become a chef and you will travel all around the world! I preferred creating some Audio Menus instead, it worked out well…


How do you handle mistakes during a performance?

Well, that can happen – I take it cool, with a smile, and think: “I’m not a robot!”


You have been playing a lot of different styles, do you try yourself out in different styles out of curiosity?

Not just! While growing up I adored various styles of music, it was a crossover from Classic to Rap and Grunge, Tapes with Trance and Techno. I’d already started collecting them from 1996 – soon Goa, first Progressive, came along my way, and I was under its spell, spending days in the Vinyl Stores. Instead of annoying my friends with the “Good Old Times” stories and trying to understand those new styles like Hi-tech, I just enlarged my radius, fell in love with modern TECHNO, which delivered me what I was looking for: Atmosphere and Space in between well-arranged Sounds and deep, sexy Grooves. Extrawelt or Minilogue, for example, also moved from Psytrance to Techno… Things change and evolve naturally and it’s useless to try to hold on to something…

What are you inspired by?

Art, nature, legends and myths, sorcery…and the Symbols and Quests that get revealed within…


Is there a hidden meaning in any of your music?

“All Knowledge arises from the one “Source”, and for one Purpose shall all Wisdom exist… The eternal growth in all living Beings…” – Manly Palmer Hall


You used to perform under the label “New Era Movement”, why did you change it to “Hidden Signs” now?

Like everything that is alive, it must grow and transform; while New Era fitted well for the 2000-2012 “movement”, it moved forward, constantly changing and shapeshifting, and since it now became something different, it deserved another Name: “Hidden Signs” is like the Phoenix who rises from the Ashes of the Old.


You like to travel a lot, and you have some experience with shamanism, please tell more about it.

I still love travelling, but it can get exhausting, even if months of good input and experiences occur. Lithuania is my choice, my new home, breathtaking nature and good friends, as well as the passion for ancient culture and more, kept me here. Peru, Ecuador, Colombia were big Milestones on my personal Journey where I lived in Indigenous Tribes and Eco Communities for months, trying to relive and understand their Worldview better. I can consider Mexico my second home, it’s where we work with Indigenous Tribes for over 15 years, helping them to develop and preserve their traditional way of living… I deeply believe that it is our burden to keep such sacred things alive and respect and help those last real humans who value and integrate the universal laws instead of competing and destroying our beloved mother Earth.


We saw that you are preparing for some seminars here in Lithuania, could you tell more about that?

Languages and symbology have been a lifetime Passion for me, as well as many other related Spiritual Topics, like (Neo) Shamanism, Witchcraft, Alchemy, Etymology, Ancient Cultures, Astrotheology, Mythology… So I compiled some essentials of those Topics and mixed them into various interactive Lectures, packed with mind-blowing information and spiced up with interesting side notes. First seminars will take place starting this year in Vilnius…all is in the Process, stay tuned…

What do you think about the psychedelic scene in general? How has it evolved and where is it going? I think this is partially related to Secret Signs/ New Sense.

Good but hard Question…hmmmm, it’s not just about the scene, but also… We live in the Age of Deception!!! The modern World that we have created is a Robot, it suits our basic needs in some form, but we forgot to give it a Soul  – which had tremendous side effects for our Earth and for Mankind as a whole.

To me it seems – it’s time to reflect where are we going, what are we doing or should be doing? Aren’t we here to learn? Aren’t we here for a Purpose? I’d say that we are, and our Time has come; the Time to reveal the Hidden, to drop the Masks, to truly share, to exchange our Insights and Wisdom, to hug someone without hesitating or overthinking, feeling our inner voice, trusting our intuition – in Hope to create a better world upon! ‘Cause we must build it, nobody else will do it.