We introduce you to a man – UK Psytrance underground legend, Psychedelic culture magazine ‘Revolve Magazine‘ creator Nigel Photon.

Here we go:

What drew you to the music industry?

I was not drawn to the music industry. The music itself is beyond any industry. Good music is timeless, elemental the soundtrack to important periods of our lives, to friends, cultural artifacts or a reflection of periods of social history. I was simply someone who loved music, who collected rare releases from before I was born from people like David Bowie, loved Indie music like Talk Talk – whose lead singer died today – love electronic music from the time of Kraftwerk, Human League, Depeche Mode, OMD, Acid House, techno and eventually Goa and PsyTrance, ambient, dub, chill-out music.


How did you decide to become a DJ?

I didn’t decide. I danced through all the sub-genres and evolution of dance-music. I was invited to the International Conference to promote Earthdance in McLeodgGanj, India by Chris Deckker, and because I had so much great music, a German DJ (famous at the time) called DJ Cosmix, suggested I play at a charity party we put on for the Tibetan children’s village in Feb. 1999. Later that year I was going to a lot of Summer Psytrance festivals, and I heard tons of DJs playing tracks the same tracks that I had, but, in my opinion, they weren’t the best. That’s when I realized that I could play as well as them.


What is your favourite part of this line of work? Your least favourite? Why?

For me this isn’t work, it is my passion. I would love to play more often but to remain playing from my heart, so that the essence of communicating something important isn’t lost. I love to see a crowd of people lost in the psychedelic moment, trancing out and myself trancing out in between making sure the flow of music continues. Travel and meeting new people is always good, both to learn from new personalities and about other countries’ culture and history. And of course most important is simply to enjoy the experience!


Please explain your creative process?

Well, as I’ve said, I’ve danced on many dancefloors and I’ve heard some of the best DJs ever playing in front of me. Jeff Mills, for example, three meters from my face while I was tripping hard at the End, London. So I guess, like anything else, if you have practiced dancing while very high to many good DJs, this has an impact on your creative process, and you try and bring the same energy to your own DJ sets to leave people dancing in the same way. Sometimes I know that I am going to take people on a shamanic full – power journey, and most of the time I rely on synchronicity of playing what the Universe chooses me to play.


What advice do you have for someone wanting to follow in your footsteps?

Well we all walk our own paths so I would advise them to walk their own path. But if anyone wants to help me with articles etc. from Lithuania for my psychedelic magazine Revolve then feel free. Please contact me at nigelphoton@yahoo.com With regards DJing and the psytrance scene, to be honest, I don’t like the way the scene has gone. Nowadays all I see is a pyramid within the Psytrance scene, a reflection the same as those people who rule mainstream society; with people who promote this or that party or festival getting to play and many many talented DJs who can tell a different story just being left by the wayside. We all create our own karma so I feel that we should all really aim to do something which helps the World; I realized at an early age that it was important to try and help other people, so that is why I got into journalism. DJing alone isn’t really a career choice within the Psytrance scene, but can lead to bigger things with regard to making music. So if it grabs you then go for it but have some work-based talent / experience to pay the bills alongside it if it doesn’t work out or for when you get a bit older. Some people make it largely through their contacts but behind any bullshit has to be great music eventually. Great music sees those musicians rise to the top of the tree and able to make a living from music alone. Be honest with yourself, learn production, make music if you want, just do whatever you feel drawn to, but remember that it’s always important to remain in balance with the material and spiritual worlds that’s why we’re here on this Planet in this World.

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